Designing for

social impact

Corporate Identity. Identité. Фирменный стиль.
Logo & Style


The visual identity of a brand, a company, an offer, an institution, a group of followers or a single person has an immediate influence on our perception of things. And we have to admit that often the messages sent by the image have greater impact.


Our designers and brand advisers will fill up your message with sensitivity and creativity. They will create a company logo, graphics, visuals or if it is necessary will complete a Brand Book to give your business a sense of identity and communication impression.



Brochures & Imprimés & Rapports d'activité


Imagine offers integral solutions which will allow to provide not only compelling content for your publications, but also will have an emotional range that will convince your target group to become your customers.

We will transform the information you want to provide to your target group into journalistic content. Your publications will contribute your brand image and the loyalty of your customers.

We take care of the concept’s development and form of graphic’s research for creative and innovative production.



World Wide Web


We offer you a complete service of web design. Your website will include a content’s management system (CMS). You will be able to manage independently a complex site with an online gallery, blog, online shop, media content etc.



Corporate Identity:


  Name research

- SEO of the Name

- Study of the availability for domain names

- Registration of the mark (national/international)


 Logo design

- Study of your brand’s personality
- Design of your logo


  Brand Book

- Study of the personality of your brand

- Colours, graphic codes, iconography

- Graphic charter of the logo for all your communication tools
- Key words and phrasing


  Brochures, Prints & Activity Report

- Advice

- Framework

- Design and conception graphic

- Content

- Drafting of the texts

- Iconography

- Creation and printing


  Agence web


- Registration of url's

- Hosting

- Navigation

- Ergonomics

- Webdesign

- Content

- Drafting of the texts
- Iconography
- Development
- CMS (content management system)
- Training
- Flow analysis of attendance fréquentation