Photo-book. Geneva through the night, Genève au fil de nuit


Author:    Mike Gorsky

Parution:  November 2014


There are many ways to discover Geneva. One of the many ways to discover Geneva would be a This promenade scenic walk at dusk being led by the spectacular play of colours and lights of the city is spectacular, because the city takes on a particular appearance during twilight hours.


Mike Gorsky testifies in this book of this amazing transformation that allows Geneva to be born again in another form through these different lights which attach to stones, trees, and the lake and to create a mysterious atmosphere.


He leads us in familiar places but that are rarely or even never perceived under the light of dusk, because this magical moment of transition from day to night lasts only a few minutes and one there is simply has no time to fully appreciate this moment.


This book contains over 100 previously unpublished photographs. All photos are accompanied by descriptions and reference information in French and English.


About the author

Mike Gorsky Mike Gorsky is a professional photographer, specilizing in architectural and interior photography, portrait and corporate identity. His portfolio can be viewed at the website:

Publishing details

Size:  280 x 240 mm
Number of pages:  160 pages + cover
Paper:  Coated paper, 1/2 mat, 170 gr.
Cover:  Hardcover
Languages:    French, English
Editor: Imagine-Media


Media-kit in PDF format


Price for volume sales (PDF)

Price for volume sales (PDF)

Interior pages
Unique & original corporate gift

The book "Geneva throughout the night" is a high quality publication, printed and bound in Switzerland. The book contains over 90 previously unpublished photographs accompanied by descriptions and reference information in French and English.


Personalization of the book

This book can be ordered in the standard version or customized according to your needs. For example we can incorporate a company logo and accompanying text on an extra jaquette jacket cover. The book could also be packed in a special box.


It is also possible to take additional pictures of the your institution and integrate it them into the publication.


Prints of photographs

In addition to this book, we are able to offer prints of the photographs published in this edition. Each photograph is printed in limited and numbered copies, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. They come in various finishing solutions finishes: collage on aluminum aluminium, in acrylic, American framework etc.

Edition in other languages

The book includes texts has descriptions of all the photographs in French and English. However it is possible to publish the book in other languages on request.


Media-kit in PDF format


Price for volume sales in PDF format

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